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D&D Tavern Quests


The Guild Hall
615 Montgomery St 31401 Savannah United States
D&D, Done Dirt Cheap
Ever wanted to play D&D, but have been thwarted by your legendary fear of commitment? Never fear! The Guild Hall understands (though, really, you need to get over it already), and we've created D&D Tavern Quests as a stepping stone on the path to greatness.

Your mission is simple: show up to our weekly Thursday play program at 7 PM in the tabletop room at the Arena. This setup is geared for a casual play audience with short sessions each week.You may show up at 6pm if you want to create your own character!

How Many Players?
Our D&D Tavern Quests table consists of 3-7 players; therefore, we require at least 3 players, plus the DM.

In fact, this game is so loosey goosey that players can rotate between sessions, and new players are always welcome. Each player fills out a blank character at the beginning of each program, so your shameful past decisions won't plague you from week to week. Each play event is stand-alone, with new storylines at each session.

This session is FREE for members. We hope you'll join us, fellow adventurer!