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Spoiled Rotten: The Spoils Casual Play


The Guild Hall
615 Montgomery St 31401 Savannah United States
What is this The Spoils? And why is it rotten?

The world of Luridia is one step away from total catastrophe. The magic-industrial complex has spawned a web of invention, speculation, and conflict that threatens to spin out of control. The sarcastic humor in this game makes it one CCG you don't want to miss out on! The goal is to reduce your opponents faction to 0. How do you do this, you ask? The players try to outsmart and out-maneuver each other by playing cards from their hands; these cards can come in the form of Characters that can be used to attack the opponent, Locations and Items that bring continuous advantages to the table, or Tactics that are one-time use cards that can be used to surprise the opponent and turn the tide of battle.

New to the game? Check out this Quick Start Guide = http://thespoilscardgame.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Basic-Rules-2.5.pdf! Then head over to our store and ask our NPCs about The Spoils Basic Box of Awesomeness to get started!

I don't want to part with my moneys to play!
No worries, my friend, Spoiled Rotten Casual Play is FREE for members of The Guild Hall! Not a member? No worries, pay $15 to play and we'll set you up with a month of Heroic Membership for FREE!

What should I bring?
All you need is your own deck and play mat to join. If you are looking to expand your collection before playing, our store sells just about everything you could need for The Spoils!

For every game you play, win, or lose, you get a Spoils sticker! Who doesn't love stickers?! Once you collect 5 stickers, you can trade 'em for an exclusive promo card! If stickers aren't your cup-o-tea, how do free booster packs sound? Once you have joined us in card-gaming majesty consistently for 4 weeks, we'll give you TWO booster packs! Yep. Just because we love you.

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