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WarmaHordes Journeyman League


The Guild Hall
615 Montgomery St 31401 Savannah United States
It's baaaaack!

The Guild Hall's favorite miniature tabletop game has a new weekly event date! WarmaHordes Journeyman League starts up again July 3rd. When a player signs up for the Journeyman league, that player receives a centerpiece patch. Any other patches a player earns during the league are built off of this initial piece. Next, a player can earn up to three chevron patches, which build down from the centerpiece. For every two weeks a player participates in the league, that player receives a chevron patch. Participation counts as having played a single game that week. Easy as that! Play a game each week of the league, earn your three chevrons. Nothing else to track.

There are three championship patches that all players are vying for, with only one player winning each. These unique patches are attached to the top of the centerpiece for any player who wins them.

Entry into Journeyman League requires fielding a MK III Battlebox OR an alternate battlegroup list as outlined in the Journeyman League rules.

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